CSIR-Jigyasa | FAQ


How do I participate in the different programs of CSIR institutes?

Each CSIR lab offers unique programs under Jigyasa.Click Here... You can apply for any of the programs when they are open. You can also write to the Jigyasa nodal officers of the CSIR lab whose programs you are interested in.

Jigyasa programmes are free of cost?

Yes,they are free of cost.

Are these programs organized for individuals or groups?

Not all programs can be organized for individuals or groups on request. But if you are from a school/college, and want to do for a bigger group, you can write to the Jigyasa nodal officer of the lab that you are interested in. They will discuss it with you and see the feasibility.

How is one chosen for these programs?

Every program has different criteria. Some of them are open for all. Some might have a limit on number of participants based on either first come/registration basis or your statements of interest.

How can I organize these programs in my community/school/college?

Please write to the Jigyasa nodal officer of the lab whose program you are interested in, and discuss the feasibility with them.

Where and how can I report my experience at a Jigyasa event?

Please fill the feedback form/ complaint form. Click Here...

Can you provide the material used for demonstration/ quiz questions for preparing students?

The lab coordinator can make a decision regarding such requests. In general, if there is no violation of ethical or safety guidelines (e.g: chemicals, bacterial strains) we can provide material for demonstration or science communication. In some cases, cost maybe recovered from the school/ user. Regarding quiz questions etc, please note that the quiz itself is a learning experience and it may encourage rote learning if the list of questions and answers are provided to the students without the experts' presence.

Does it cover a certain topic from the prescribed syllabus/ school curriculum?

The program is usually focused on the area of expertise of the lab. But if you need assistance, please contact lab coordinators Click Here... who can guide you to the laboratory with the appropriate expertise.

Can we invite CSIR scientists to the school?

Yes, you can invite the scientists to the school under the different jigyasa programmes.

Can I talk to scientists?

Yes, you can talk to the CSIR scientists Click Here... .

Can the students do their science projects in CSIR labs?

It depends on the number of students and the capacity of the laboratory and school involved. However, in general the JIGYASA program aims for enabling the teachers and students through assistance in developing ideas, not replacing the need for infrastructure in schools. .

Jigyasa programmes are only for KVS Schools?

No, it has been extented to govt school .

Can university also participate in Jigyasa programmes?

No, presently only govt schools(5th-12th classes) are invited under jigyasa programmes.

Can I use the CSIR resources through AnalytiCSIR?

We have put AnalytiCsir with Jigyasa you can access the link through menu bar.