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About CSIR

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) catalyses and drives sustainable socio-economic change through application of science and technology. The role of CSIR in post independent India has been: (1) building capability and capacity in undertaking R&D work in cutting-edge areas; (2) providing alternative technological solutions when faced with unfavourable technological import regime such as in generic drugs and agro-chemicals; (3) providing high end knowledge based services to industry and infrastructure development, and (4) building human resource capacity for carrying out R&D in advanced areas.

Today, CSIR is an internationally benchmarked contemporary R, D & I organization. It is ranked 84th among 4851 institutions worldwide and is the only Indian organization among the top 100 global institutions, according to the Scimago Institutions Ranking World Report 2014. CSIR holds the 17th rank in Asia and leads the country at the first position.

CSIR covers a wide spectrum of science and technology from basic research, industrial research, technology development and translation, human resources development, maintaining the country’s standards, protecting traditional knowledge and intellectual property of the country. The R&D activities span across areas such as chemicals, drugs & pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, genomics, oceanography, geophysics, nanotechnology to mining, minerals & materials, aeronautics, instrumentation, environmental engineering and information technology. It provides significant technological intervention in many areas with regard to societal efforts which include environment, health, drinking water, food, housing, energy, leather, farm and non-farm sectors.

Pioneer of India’s intellectual property movement, CSIR today is strengthening its patent portfolio to carve out global niches for the country in select technology domains. CSIR is granted 90% of the US patents granted to any Indian publicly funded R&D organization. On an average, CSIR files about 250 Indian patents and 300 foreign patents per year. About 13% of CSIR patents are licensed - a number which is above the global average. Amongst its peers in publicly funded research organizations in the world, CSIR is a leader in terms of filing and securing patents worldwide.

CSIR has pursued cutting edge science and has advanced the knowledge frontiers. The scientific staff of CSIR constitute only about 3-4% of India’s scientific manpower but contribute to 9.6% of India’s scientific outputs. In 2015, CSIR published 5797 papers in SCI journals with an average impact factor per paper of 3.02.

Further, CSIR’s role in S&T human resource development is noteworthy. CSIR is initiating a structured national program on skill development in a major way. CSIR has also operationalized desired mechanisms to boost entrepreneurship and startups, which are expected to enhance creation and commercialization of radical and disruptive innovations, leading to the development of new economic sectors as well as boost employment.

CSIR has been systematically creating and nurturing highly qualified S&T manpower in the country. It is presently supporting around 8500 Research fellows, awarded 2251 Junior Research Fellowships and 65 Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship. CSIR is supporting more than 1000 research schemes to various universities.

CSIR Leader

Shri Narendra Modi, Hon'ble Prime Minister

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President CSIR

Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Hon'ble Cabinet Minister for Science

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Vice President, CSIR

Dr. Shekhar C. Mande Director General, CSIR

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Director General, CSIR

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