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You don't know how much I loved it. I've attended many workshops and can say this is the best and on the top right now. You people are very smart and has the right attitude for the people like us. Your patience counts too. Before attending the workshop I thought it's gonna be all theory related. But after attending the workshop I realised that you people are soo good at making us learn everything by our own experience without actually teaching it like a regular method. You people are really good at teaching in you own UNIQUE AND EFFECTIVE WAY. LOVED IT TO THE CORE. And the best part is we got to meet like-minded people to whom we can look up further for sharing our curiosities which generally we can't discuss with everyone out there. And the discussions held at lunch and post workshop was of great benefit. It was OVERWHELMING! THANK YOU for giving us this great experience. Sudeeksha Ravikoti, participant of What makes a Scientist
I felt the workshop was energetic with Resources persons. Dr. Ipsa Jain inspired me a lot and she gave me a perception that there exists life beyond Lab in Science career. Dr. Sowpati made a impressive outlook on Hypothesis, Experimental Setup and Literature survey. Anand G R, participant of What makes a Scientist workshop
Our guide was so good. She explained our questions we asked her and she even told about this campus as i am interested in joining CCMB. Visitor at Open Day 2019
Flawless imagination, thank you CCMB, and also a thank for our respective guide Visitor at Open Day 2019
Excellent explanation by the guide and the respective scholars. Thank you for this open day. It was informative. Visitor at Open Day 2019
The real reach of science programmes to the children was realized by the simple but knowledgeable and dedicated team of Scientists at various levels. Descending to the level of the children in any lecture/demonstration, these eminent Scientists embedded scientific knowledge and temper in young minds. My sincere salutations and gratitude are to the galaxy of Scientists. I, personally, cherished being with them and listening to their lecture-cum-demo sessions without missing a single of them. Mr.C.Mani, DC, KVS, Ro, Chennai
t am very happy to share with you that students of KVS Ernakulam Region have bagged many coveted prizes in the recently conducted KVS National level NCSC (National children's Science Congress) competition. As per the feedback received the orientation programme' organlzeo on oa-o-e-zoia at Kendriya Vidyalaya CRPF Pallippuram for 'Teacher Guides'of nearly 40 Kendriya Vidyalayas of Ernakulam Region, has proved very effective and productive in this regard l also acknowledge, with gratitude that your esteemed institution had extended the services of two efficient Scientists a; Resource Persons for the programme Both Dr. K V RADHA KRISHNAN and Dr KRISHNA KUMAR B, had very sincerely inspired the participants to identify research topics from day to day lives of students and initiated the teachers to the steps of research methodologv which in turn resulted in the grand success of young scientists of KVS. The Orientation prograrmme was organized as part of JIGYASA, a KVS-CSlR initiative to popu Deputy Commisssioner, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Regional Office Ernakulam
We make our world significant by the courage of our questions and by the depth of our answer. Carl Sagan
We make our world significant by the courage of our questions Carl Sagan
The world is seeing India with a ray of hope and our diaspora can play a crucial role in further spreading it. The Indian community does not settle abroad to enter into politics or take a seat in the global politics. Wherever they go, they think and act towards benefit of the society. PM Modi at inauguration of Pravasi Bharatiya Kendra